SB3 Hud Help

Edit: I do believe the solution for the hud issue was to run in a standard resolution. No widescreen. Even though my computer supports it, it doesn’t seem like Gmod does.

My computer is a: Hp Dv6 1030us
OS: Vista Home Premium 64
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo T6400 2.0GHz
Graphics (Integrated Card): Intel GMA 4500MHD It ran Crisis no problem, so it shouldn’t be a hardware problem. But who knows, I could be crazy.
Ram: 4GB DDR2

I had:
all the addons from the svn page
Pheonix Model Pack
Evocity 2 (I also had issues with textures here. Purple and black checkerboards)

When I found I had this error, I got rid of all the addons I knew were unnecessary that I had downloaded. I

From steam, I have
Hl2 episode 1 & 2, Deathmatch, and Lost Coast (They came in a pack from steam)

I’m currently completely reinstalling Garry’s Mod, I want to try and see if my issue is just an installation error, or maybe I moved something by accident, but I am having trouble getting the Spacebuild 3 hud to show up. Or any hud at all, for that matter.

I’ve checked the svn links for SB3, and as far as I know, all the necessary supporting files for Life support and such. I’m also getting alot of purple and black checkerboard texture errors, and spawn Icon errors. There was also quite a few red ERROR models that replaced what I would imagine are sbep models.

Does anybody know what these problems may be?
Are they from a pack I’m missing? Or are they an installation error? Or a plain old hardware issue?

I haven’t played GMod in while so they may have updated it but as far as I know Spacebuild doesn’t have a hud. The only hud it has is the one that meters your oxygen when you go under water.

I honestly don’t know what you mean by custom hud. I only have the little box, like jetboy said. Everything else is standard.

Oh, that’s what I mean by hud. Because I had never seen it outside your tutorials, I assumed it was an addon of some sort. For some reason, my computer doesn’t like showing it the majority of the time. I guess my definition of hud is a little more general than it should be. On occassion it shows up though.

But I do know I have to be off planet to see it at all. I’ve started to understand the program a little more once it finally started working.

And thank you for stopping by.