[SB3] InterGalactic 2009 [Codename] InterStellar_2009

Welcome to the latest Pre-release thread of SB3_InterGalactic_2009

*What is SB3_InterGalactic_2009?. This is the very latest SpaceBuild map, will be released some time soon.

*When will it be released? Sometime soon, as soon as I get my head around doing the last few planets.

*How many planets will there be? There will be six, may I note that these aren’t standard “Rush get a planet done in 10 minutes so I can release my map so it looks horrible”, I spend decent time on my planets and get the best possible look within them.

*Will this map be SpaceBuild 3 compatible? Yes, this map will be FULLY leaned towards SpaceBuild 3, I’m sure SB3 has backwards compatibility so that you MAY be able to use SpaceBuild 2 on this aswell but we’ll see.

*Is this map optimised? Yes, the map runs at great fps even from a 9600GT, I’ve used nodraw and other various optimisation methods.

*Will there be a V2? Probably. I’ll probably update it just like Jinto did with his, he just added a few planets which rocked by the way, I’ll most likely end up doing that.

These are images of the map, this map ISN’T fully done, but this is what has been created so far. [This thread will be updated from the first post with newer images as the maps progress continues]

Note images are taken from several angles

*Things that are going to be added:

*There will be a fully habitable asteroid base, built onto an asteroid which was found floating in this solar system, to this day due to Prometheus’ huge magnetic field, it keeps it in a steady spin.

*More planets that in the pictures shown
*Possibly a hanger of some kind
*More spawn points will be added

Things that WON’T be added:

A teleport room, that’s just cheating and even if you did teleport you’d either be frozen, cooked, destroyed, or melted.

I WILL keep this thread updated with new images.

Wow. It makes me want to finally get off my ass and download spacebuild.

Nice work, I really like the asteroids for some reason.

Please put a screen over the blue box. I’m tired of seeing maps not using it. Just a func_monitor and hook it up to a camera somewhere.

Yes, the asteroids do look alot different to all the other Spacebuild maps. I love it.

I’ll put a screen over the blue box, cheers for the feedback though.

It’s as sexy as i told you in steam.
You put loads of work in it!

Also i might be able to get you a new skybox, since i know you want one.

Yeah I need one.

Do want.

WOW. That’s amazing work.

Any chance for this to be ported for SB2 users? By the way, the map looks like it’s made of pure AWESOMENESS!
But the displacements on the Prometheus and the icey-looking planet looks a little … Round…

I know, I don’t like spiky displacements.

Yeah, it should work with SB2.

If you’re looking for beta testers…

The ice planet looks like a milkshake


Great work! :slight_smile: ! I am looking forward to the release… :slight_smile: - If you need help with it i can help with, some buidlings… Just contact me… :smiley: - Anyway great map…

Nice! The ringed planet looks awesome!

I’l beta =D

I will select 3 people to beta test with me.

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Actually if you wanna beta-test just tell me…

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You know i want to, And ill let you test mine soon.