SB3 lag question (physics/tickrate question)

Is there a way to have the server use more CPU to keep a stable tickrate?. So if someone builds something that is poorly constructed it won’t actually affect the rest of the server?.

Just trying to grasp ideas.

You won’t be able to use more than the default tickrate of 66, 100 would totally screw up.

What you want to do is set sv_mincmdrate sv_maxcmdrate sv_minupdaterate sv_maxupdaterate all to 66, set sv_minrate 1000 sv_maxrate 50000 and in the cl_init.lua of the gamemode find or add GM:InitPostEntity and call RunConsoleCommand(“rate”, “50000”)

I have a custom gamemode running at that is 100 tick and uses a ton of bandwidth and low CPU but is stable and smooth.

Depending on your available CPU/bandwidth and how many player slots you want you could TRY 100 tick and setting the rates to 100 and client rate to 100000 but the source engine is unpredictable above 66 tick and you may find props fall through the world and jumping will be broken among other things.

If you need more information feel free to ask.

That was totally not helpful, all you did was tell me what I already knew.

Then tell valve to enable servers to use more than 2 cores, and good luck with that.

No?. I don’t mind it being single threaded - especially seeing how its not using 100% of the core…

I was hoping someone had some advice on how to get a more stable server at the cost of CPU… alas, I guess it was not to be.

The biggest thing you will need is bandwidth, I ran afew tests back awhile ago on the problem of lag and how it can be smoothed out, the 1 only problem is bandwidth. I ran a test server on a pentium4 cpu 3.6ghz 2gb ram really old pc dedicated of-course. Myself and others joined even with this LOW power the server did NOT crash and remained stable it lagged abit but that was because of my shoddy residential bandwidth

The only thing that made the server crash was an engine error apart from that nothing. I then ran all the tests again using 6 home PC and some of my friends on a lan server. as I was using a 1gibt network it did not crash/lag at all proving that it is just the bandwidth. Gmod servers and all servers start lagging when there is more info going out from the server than it can handle as well as the clients upload speed to the server. If these were taken out then lag would not exist.

Just try optimise your connections and make sure your firewalls on the server and client are not interrupting the packets too much. This causes latency (lag).

Hope this answers some of your questions. Or may help in any respect.

P.S. Sorry about spelling I’m dyslexic.


I was hoping there would be a way to use more processor to smooth out the server stability. It doesn’t crash, its not a bandwidth issue and it is not a CPU issue. The problem is simple - the server tickrate fluctuates down to 7 under extreme load.

Is there some way to use more CPU in order to stabilize the tick rate.

Do you run Hi Res Timer (If this is a windows server) and up the FPS may help, but I used to run Spacebuild on my Q9650 (4x3.0Ghz) 4Gb Box and it lagged with lots of entites and players.

Jesus, all this talk about 66 tick and 100 tick. If you’ve got a lot of physics collisions, you want 33 tick with 300 FPS.

Thanks :). I already had that, but still better then any of the above advice.

I guess its not possible?. Would slowing down physics slightly help at all?.

Maybe you should learn lua and make space build more efficent on resources.

Troll somewhere else.

I wasnt trolling I think thats the only way your gonna make the most intensive garrysmod gamemode to run more effiecntly, or impose harsh limits on your server.

He’s actually right in a sense. If you disable collisions between props that don’t need collisions, you’ll save your server a whole load of work. I did that on my ZS server - disabling collisions between gibs - CPU usage halved.

Yeah flapjack, but its how he said “spacebuild” that made me think he was a troll :).

Anyway, as I said resources aren’t a issue (the core (not cpu, and srcds is set to one core on my server) is not at 100% usage so resources aren’t the issue).

I’m not sure why there is so much lag (server tickrate) since the core isn’t maxed =/.

Oh well.