SB3 removed from the GMod wiki?

It says it was removed on request from snake. Would anyone happen to know why this is?

Because Snake requested it and he requested it because he was banned from Facepunch.

EDITED! the comment i made before and removed now was removed because you Firgof Umbra might not know what the hell your talking about. I dont know if you do or do not. Either way i should keep insults until there is cause for them. Just seems stupid to remove them because a few thousand people have already downloaded them. It is an inconvenience but you can still get the svns from .


what was the reason for the request for removal if you happen to know it?

Killers2 removed the sections here.

Removed before that time here as well.

wow that is super lame. it is a great addon but damn a few thousand people have it there is no way now to control what people do with it. if you make a mod and release it no amount of copyrights or other shit can stop people from doing what they want with the links or the mod itself. Oh and i have read his stupid little rules and i find this one particularly stupid “You are not allowed to give the links to other people. Tell them to go to this page.” Why write that? Save them the trouble by giving them the links. And sorry if this sounds like a flame but it isnt intended to be.

I agree. The site doesn’t have advertisements so I don’t know why it would be bad for him if we don’t go to that page to get the links. If he really doesn’t want us to get the link from another source, he can still change the URL every time he finds a link somewhere else; though I highly doubt he would sink to that level.

Howcome most of the good coders who made great addons/gamemodes always manage to get themselve banned?

because they make amazingly good shit that gets people jealous then they get their gamemodes/addons released to the public then they get banned from flaming.

We tend to get annoyed of the many idiots on Facepunch, troll them and then face the consequences.

actually, in this case, Snake said torrents were unsafe (after Garry sent the last 2 days explaining that torrents are safe if you download safe stuff. They are like normal downloads; if it has a virus in it, you get a virus. If it doesn’t have a virus, you won’t get a virus), and got perma-banned.

I think it was more Garry being pissed at Snake for being stupid then just saying torrents were unsafe.

Uh no from what ive seen from quite a few of you coders you get so high and mighty with your creations that you begin to think you deserve certain rights and high positions that you in the end, abuse if you get them.

The only position I have outside of my own community is being in the “Cabal of Lua shitlords”

I sure as hell can’t abuse that.


<Rambo_Sesh> the lua scripting shitlord cabal: overv, flapjack, stoned, lexi, fptje, lua*, deco da man, levybreak, tomylobo

what, you’re a good coder, and in the Lua Shitlords?

isn’t that like being a politician and being against corruption?

or being a Skin-Head, but not hating Jews and black people?

Hi, I’m ¦FlapJack¦.

Looks like the link on the wiki was removed again.

the SVN link is still on Snake’s site (I think).

completely stupid the link leads to HIS site whoever is doing it needs to stop because this falls under e “You are not allowed to give the links to other people. Tell them to go to this page.” and and the link does send them to that page. Jeeze cant believe an idiot like me can see something you others cant.

Restored again.