SB3...still not working.

So, I got the SB3 addon from snake’s site and all, but when I go into space, LS3 doesn’t tell me I’m suffocating and theres still gravity, anyone else having this problem/know how to fix it?

You could start by telling us how you installed it, and how you started the server, etc. You have to help us help you. Do you have “sandbox” set on the override function? Do you have it set to “SpaceBuild” under “Gamemode”

As I understand it he integrated SB3 into sandbox now, the addon version, which is the one tht is supposed to work. I installed it via SVN into the addons folder with the name “SB3” (per the instructions on his site). I never have anything set in the override function. Even when I had the GameMode files and had it set to SB3 (along with the addon version) it didn’t work.

It’s singleplayer.

Go to the CAF tab (on the tool menu), that is where all your LS and RD stuff is.

One of the “tools” is actually the Options menu for anything using Custom Addon Framework (With SB3 does).

When you get the correct menu (your q menu will close, and you will have a window covering your screen), make sure SB3, LS3, and RD3 are all enabled.

Also, make sure you installed CAF correctly