SB3 won't recognize it's own existence.

So I came back to gmod after a while, and I was pretty interested in playing around in spacebuild, at least singleplayer. I had used SB3 a little but not much. I used the gmod auto-updater and loaded up gooniverse, which told me to install the spacebuild addon. Also, the map section was listed as “Spacebuild 3, the new Age (Dummy).”

I re-downloaded it from, same problem (although this time I did have the test maps). Everything else works, life support and whatnot, and spacebuild 2 will load and work. I tried renaming the SB3 folder to no avail. Anyone else having this issue? It’s extremely aggravating that I have SB3 installed and it won’t work. Did I place something wrong? Do I need to remove spacebuild2? (Although that seems like it wouldn’t do anything).

Edit: It saying addon did make me think, I saw a few things about apparently it’s an addon now, not a gamemode…but I can’t find it as an addon, and snakesvx’s site “projects” page won’t load.

Edit Again: Nevermind:

Found the SVN, if that doesn’t load for you (sometimes links to the wiki page say cannot be found) just go to and click on the wiki tab, I’m sure you can find it from there.

Completely remove sb2. Install sb3 using SVN and reading correctly the installation instructions. Simple and clean.

It was installed correctly, “Dumb” was pretty unecessary, thanks, I’ve been installing mods for quite a bit, it’s been replaced by an addon. I had everything in the right folder, it’s just not how it works anymore.

Edit: And as I said, removing sb2 wouldn’t actually do anything, since if I don’t load it as a gamemode the files don’t load, an thus there wll be no issue, and I did not have RD2 installed so no issue there either. Shows what you know.

Don’t know if you need it. SVN Tutorial:

No I’m pretty sure you will need to uninstall SB2 for SB3 to work


If you uninstall SB2 and install SB3 with all the folders in the right place it will work (unless something else is conflicting but yeah it shouldn’t)

All right well this is just annoying now. Got the addon, have all the necessary mods. Still doesn’t work, no suffocating and no zero-g outside of planets.


Anybody figured this one out?

EDIT: Also I don’t have SB2 installed in any way, shape, or form.


I just cleared both the downloaded lua cache and the dua cache to get this to work and it is still fucked.

What is wrong, here?

Yeah, mine is doing the whole “Install the spacebuild addon” thing even though the addon AND the gamemode are both installed.

Do you have Life Support?