Hi, I made some updates to the map so I decided to make a new thread on it.

Well for first reasons you’re probably wondering why I changed the name from 2008 to 2009. Well it’s mainly because I don’t wanna change it next year :s. Anyway some of the updates I’ve made are:
*All shadows are now reflecting off the planets, before it was only doing a few planets due to the positioning and angles of the light_env entity.
*Earth was completely removed and has been rebuilt from scratch.
*Earth’s size is now 6144x3 up from 5120x3, for more building room.
*A control centre type thing is on Earth, I left the ground floor empty mainly because you guys can set up your own stuff in there.
*The planet’s positions are totally moved.
*SB3 and the logic cases are now fixed within the map, and are located behind a centre computer console on the asteriod base.

I hope you like the updates, this is mainly how the map will look when it is done unless you want me to change something. Images.


*Added another floor to the building.

*The Sun and Saturn (Skybox)

*Prometheus, and the map.


*One of the Moons, through the window.

*Part of Earth.

*One of the Moons.

I’ll keep you updated.

I hope you like the updates, there will be more images soon, thanks.

HOLY ITCHY BALLS nicely done mapping king

YEAH! I am excited for release! Mapping kinged!

good thing i get to beta test this and show a video upon release i’m really excited :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks, release should be… some time soon. By the way I did the entire map from scratch, it now runs better also.


Thanks for the feedback, :).


Images are updated.

*SB3 and the logic cases are now fixed within the map, and are located behind a centre computer console on the asteriod base.

Does this mean that we will have switches to reset the planets or something?

i think so but i will find out once i test it. either that or luke will tell you

No switches, the sky changes every 360 seconds.

Sounds Awesome!

Ahh makes me think X3 Terran Conflict… too bad it’s bugged to hell

Jesus that looks fantastic man.

One comment though - the asteroid on which you constructed your Asteroid Base is a bit bland compared to some of the planets. The texturing on most of the planets is excellent but the asteroid’s surface texture looks a bit plain. Might I suggest you use a more detailed texture, perhaps one that adds craters? Or you could even add small craters to the asteroid surface itself.

Yea, the one on it currently I’m just using it as a base, it’ll get changed no problem.

Awesome! Can you please tell me a good tutorial for stuff like that? I’m making a SB3 map as well. Mapping Kinged

I just simply used Shanjaq’s “Planet Devkit” For the bases, then fitted all the architecture, logic_cases, etc. You can get the case information on SnakeSVX’s blog, also may I see a WIP Hammer or game shot of your new map?

Sure, just let me take pictures of it. I really need to shorten the number of dynamic lights in it though. Is there anyway to get the number of visleafs down?

It is WIP, so please give me pointers and tips! Thanks!
EDIT: Sorry about size.

Looks really good. Can I beta test with you?

Sure, when I’ve got a few more planets, and I’ve optimized it a bit. Unless you or someone else wants to help optimize it, I can give them the source; I have no idea how to optimize well.

looks very nice! one question can the stargate shield on it`s max setting fit around the whole asteroid base? (or atleast the top part)