This is a new Spacebuild map from the Maker of GM/SB_spacewar_V1-V6 and SB_Forlorn_R2L.

It features 3 habitable planets with 2 marked for war, 1 marked for safe build(at admin discretion).
The map also has 5 uninhabitable planets, an asteroid belt near the sun, and 5 RSO blocking lag bunkers/build bays.

Check it out, Comment/criticise, build and fight, IN SPACE.

not really seeing anything special about this.

Just a common sb map.

Sweet dude! Love the fullbright

If you are seeing fullbright on this, then you have fullbright turned on, try “mat_fullbright 0” without quotes, in console.

I am probing your planet.

hmmm, I like the build bays however there is no way to get the stuff from the build bays into space, that might be a nice addition