sb_Canals (W.I.P.)

Felt like showing off a map I’m making for Andrew Mcwatter’s HL2: Sandbox mod.

Day 1: Spawn Area
[img_thumb][/img_thumb] [img_thumb][/img_thumb][/release]
Day 2: Outdoor area from spawn:
[release][img_thumb][/img_thumb] [img_thumb][/img_thumb] [img_thumb][/img_thumb][/release]
Day 3: Left Outdoor area:

I’d appreciate some feedback. I’m a little stuck on what to do for a layout, but I’m aiming for the Hl2 Canal levels / Sewers for suggestions. If anyone has any ideas, don’t hesitate to share them.

Needs displacement work, quite blocky outside, too dark inside. Also, this belongs in the brand new pimpage thread.

Sounds original

It will be like a Garry’s Mod with more opportunities and better coding

The outdoor part reminds me too much of Skate 2’s sewer system thing.

Fixed up that outdoor area


Ignore the obvious fence flaw

I doubt this mod works out.

His site has been like that for a really long ass time.

He’s working on it. He just doesn’t feel like updating the site I guess.

[sp]And he’s paying me to do it[/sp]

Why work on the site if I should be working on the game?

It might not work out, but I still wish him and his team luck. I like your canals, they are coming along nicely. :smile:

[img_thumb][/img_thumb] [img_thumb][/img_thumb] [img_thumb][/img_thumb]

Looks similar to some place, doesn’t it?

You just need to put in some of the toxic sludge in a few areas. :buddy:

Make sure to remove all sides of a displacement except the top.

I’m wondering how I didn’t catch that

Lightmap scale needs lowering a lot in certain areas.

Also what’s with the strange black cross in the center of the mud? All I could think of that could cause that is if he placed it in the center of the 4 default visleaf sectors, and they somehow screwed the lighting.