SB_DeepVengance <W.I.P>

I have started work once again on my long-dead SpaceBuild map for the Sandbox server.
But thats all irrelevant…

I want to see how many of you guys actually like this, so I can choose whether or not to continue it :S

Here are some Pic of it so far, and some stress Test Pics
(Thanks to nubblecakes for telling me about spacescape)

I am using Full grid with Orange Box, Great Success

Your picture links fail…

Im fixing them now

Second picture is too dark whatever it is, the skybox doesn’t look right with all those blue “stars”, your displacement work on the surface isn’t excellent.

Needs a more space-like atmosphere

I think if you can have those asteroids look like they are floating around and moving around in space, That could land some bonus points. (but may irritate spacebuilders :stuck_out_tongue: ) also, As said above. Skybox looks… Awkward… It should be changed.

Fine then, No more spacebuild maps for Facepunch then :stuck_out_tongue:

Lighting is really off. Good job so far just needs some TLC in the lighting and texture department.

Moving displacements eh? When did valve add that. sarcasm

propper your asteroids and put them in your map as props, cant remember the exact type of ent function but maybe you could make then a track_train and have them orbit a planet like rings or something

shhh I did this in SB_Gooniverse around that ringed planet…

Hopefully this SB map will be optimized propperly

Or you could just learn to take criticism and improve your map?

And not one fuck was given.