The Deep Vengance map is in development for my friends spacebuild 3 severe.

Fright and confusion (You’ll might get lost if your not careful, Confusion With some games i’v placed Starwars Rouge squadron some maps go into nebular its not fun you can get lost XD)
Fun ( Nah its boarding, boarding as bat shit)

(Like were you put your planets so they come-into their own medium Eg. You can’t but a Cold freezing your, ass off -planet next to a lava planet.)

Deep Hope (Spawn): is in the up-most centered area in-case you get lost flying around the map, Located in the centre.

Hoth (Snow planet): Is in the bottem left had side because it in a ‘out-of-the-way’ area were not many people will go but it holds some value.

  1. No one can attack from behind.
  2. Only one landing zone, right at the front door ;D.
  3. Its going to have little to no atmosphere due to it being all snow. so it easy to defend.
  4. Hanger is big enough to have a small %&#@@ weapons factory going on.

Qual (Toxic Planet): Is is located in the Highest middle area so its just a few Kms off Spawn Planet (Out-of-the-way) It hold nil to some value.

  1. Who wants to colonize a toxic planet.
  2. Its hard to land unless you want to die.
  3. only accessible with assault pods or Mechano’s Pod-to-Ship thingy.

Dust (moon): Is well, right out side spawn. You don’t really need it but i made it for my Mining addon (Which is in Adv Dupe Public Folder -> .50 Cal’s awesome folder… Never mind) Its, well no one is gonna attack it. Some Value.

  1. No Atmosphere.
  2. No war on the moon, Only weapons testing.
  3. Toms of craters good for rovers ;D

Uia (RPA world) I built it but it takes awhile to compile so i deleted it (for now)Tons of reasons to go there!

  1. Lots of Houses Watch Towers and its a Big Planet
  2. In-habitual
  3. for RPA (Thattts Righht!)
  4. Did I mention its big ;D
  5. Its fun, swings all that fun stuff.
  6. Placement is next door to Qual, but a few Kms away. ( Could smuggle Weapons or weapon supply’s back and forth)

Forum URL

Server IP (You need SB3 the Model Pack and Wire. You will encounter downloads upon joining the server. You can not get these anywhere else, so Just sit tight)



(note the map isn’t in use yet, if you want to help register on the forum and ill upload it to a site)
(If you want to help, you can. Just register on the forum. And that some viedos of the map are old. The map has been extensively updated.)

Didn’t this thread just get locked?

The old one did. This is the second with the same name.

Yeah. And he got banned.

Im not likely to log onto your website to find out two words that explain why a map has unimpressive mapping, not compiled, horribly repeating textures, and absolutely no optimization?
And its not big. 90% of spacebuild mappers use the entire grid in their maps, so yours can’t be much bigger.
And people aren’t likely to play a new spacebuild map unless it’s something amazing. Because they have Sb_gooniverse, Bynari’s maps, and some people (at least used to) use Sb_lostinspace

I would say learn to map better, learn some modeling, and come back when you have something spectacular.

Get some lights in there…fast.

It’s like going to a university interview at Oxford with a CV written in crayon. Never show off an unlit map, especially one in such early stages as that.

Also, why have you blanked out some of the descriptions. No one is going to steal your ideas…especially as they probably aren’t original ones.