Sb_lostinspace. Final version!

[tab]Description[/tab]An Awesome, modern looking spacebuild map
Hdr that does not burn your eyes
6 planets
Custom textures
Headcrab flavored cup noodle dispenser
Plenty o’ water
spawn room
[tab]instructions[/tab] Put in your addons folder
Removed because of crashing
Although this was made for the mcbuilds community, anyone can put this on their server
I would like to thank the Mcbuilds Community For their undying support and 24/7 server, The IP for that server is:
Please note that this version does not have cubemaps. they were causing problems, so i removed them.

Good work!

Nice! I like the textures.

That is very cool! Yet the water is too blue in my opinion. :v:

I tought this was about the movie.
Great job, anyway.

Final version?! Awww…

…oh well, I love it!

Well Watson, it seems we have found the source of this threads WIN. Good Job. :smiley:

Look forward to seeing more maps from you man, good work!

really nice looking map, i’ll be sure to try it out soon.

err everytime i try to play on McBuilds server 2 i keep crashing on this map…

Awesome I will be hosting this on my server for sure. My server information at

this map has been causing people to crash.
I will try to figure out what is wrong and fix it
thank you for your patience

If you were wondering about the texts:

Awesome! I’ve been looking all over for some headcrab noodles!


Silliness aside, this is going to great to build some ships and stations on. Good job!

I liked the water planet until I realized, I don’t have a single ship capable of landing in the water XD.

They’re from/in in the SpaceBuild Enhancement Project SVN, so you can download that if you want an endless supply in your favorite map. :smiley: