sb_mission_to_mars WIP

So, i wanted to make a spacebuild map with a goal, instead of roaming freely sandbox style. So I am working on a map that has 2 planets, Mars and Earth. Goal is to get to mars ofcourse. I also figured that having only 2 planets comes with the posibility to add extra detail, that otherwise would result in awesome FPS drops. For example: good looking models with high resolution textures. It will be a while before i will release a beta or whatsoever, but I just finished the models and put them into place. I wanted to share these 2 screenshots, let me know what you think. The skybox is just temporary. Enjoy.


If there is anyone that rocks in making space skyboxes with not too much fuzz, and willing to do so, please let me know or PM me!

Nice work on the textures, maybe lighten up the bump maps though.

Needs a new skybox, other than that, looks good so far.

Looks hot keep it up.

you should have a small moon so they have place to stop along the way .

maybe a spacestation if that is possible

I like the earth texture, looks bumpy. And you could add a moon.

Nice textures, looking foward to see more of this.

I second this. Also the map looks very promising.

Oh man, those planets are HAWT.

Those textures are HOT! Any hope for a release :wink: ?

If you want nice space skyboxes, try Starbox.

Heres some nice high quality textures!
Earth Bump
Mars Bump (its the best i could find!)
Earth Specular (its in extras/hires!)

THanks for the responses!

LimEJET i will check that app out, thanks!

I actually made the models smaller, but i’m using the same textures/resolutions.
Otherwise the planets will be too big and the distance between the planets will be too short.
I also added clouds around the earth, but im still fiddling with them a bit. Also a moon is added.

Clouds and moon added

Very sexy.

looks great

Updated to do list.

I was thinking of adding astroids that occasionaly fly across the map, which pose a threat to players and their contraptions. I would like some opinions on this, should i do it?

I think you should.

Sounds good right.

Putting objects around the earth or in space between the path of Earth and Mars as a meteorite ect … moving to take more risk and is not as easy it, sounds great.

  • I have an idea, you could do that Mars clime? to so complicate the exploration of the red planet does not? would be more interesting, it’s just an idea I have no idea if possible.

  • Would be a great spot to put good and rich detail on Mars, the moon and earth, the planets would have fewer possible, shifting resources from one side to give them to another.

Sorry my english is very bad. SpacemanSpain.

Sexy, how did you do the clouds ? (or rather, how did you get a texture like that)