sb_sgworlds (WIP)
a spacebuild map

sb_sgworlds map for a Spacebuild mod. It will be an excellent for the fans of the Stargate. There are many legendary places from stargate universe,*like SGC, Abydos, Atlantis and others.

P.S. Sorry for my mistakes, i’m not English.








The lighting in the SGC could do with some work, it’s a bit bland. Other than that it looks incredible.

Nice work.

Needs moar smoothing groups.

This looks great! How will the space area be managed? Will it use the Spacebuild gamemode?


Great Job!

This is so awesome! I´ve wanted a map like this for so long. Is there gonna be a beta anywhere soon?

SGC map


Can’t wait until we actually get a download link. Looks like it will be an excellent map for Stargate fans.

looks like it will be a nice map

It’s a limit of Garry’s Mod, but it would be nice if there was a way to prevent someone from flying directly to Atlantis…though I suppose you could make a division which would break it up into the Milky Way side and the Pegasus side of the map…or just have Milky Way space and Atlantis wouldn’t need a planet at all.

Holy shit thats looking AWESOME :v:
I can’t help but wonder though with all those worlds and that incredibly detailed Atlantis and Cheyenne Mountain entrance tunnel, if its going to exceed the max brush count or something. o.o

You should change the spawn place a bit though, I mean; I know for sure that I wouldnt build a room entirely out of glass, especially if its floating around in space

EDIT: Suggestion: Make/get better textures for the planets though, theyre screaming poor quality to be honest, even though it’s still a WIP. Also the corridor outside the gateroom that leads to the control room (The uh, bottom one looking at the SGC map) is a bit thin, it should perhaps be a bit wider.

Pictures Dont work for me!

I will try to consider your wishes, map sb_sgworlds left on a final straight, the release is coming! Textures of planets will be probably replaced, Spawn most likely will not be changed. Light in SGC improved. Small bugs were corrected.

Awesome, can’t wait :smiley:

Is this map dead?

Let’s hope not.
But give the author time, mapping isnt something that is easy at all times, it all depends on the level of detail you decide to put into the map, and other complex structures.

Map not dead, just little problems!