This is a general info/questions/comments thread for my unofficial final release of SB_Spacetransit … Now version L2, available on at

UPDATE K8-L2 > Server admins, use this version please as I will not be updating again for a good while.

Lighting adjusted and added on lower levels.
Two platforms added back far below the bases.
Other platform converted into a space shed/mini base.
Minor touch-ups here and there.

OLD UPDATE J7-K8 > Sun moved to directly overhead for better solar power.
Stations completely re-textured.
Lighting completely reworked.
1 mini base added in place of a platform.
Dual ramps serving every floor of the stations.

Feature List
125+ft tall horizontally sliding main hangar bay doors.(for your big ships)
Near 200 ft wide ceiling glass doors(for your really big ships)
Retractable aux build deck on the upper level
300+ft wide space doors(for putting space stations… or absolutely mammoth ships in the main hangar)
Switchable lighting on 4 levels
4 docking bay tunnels at the lowest level of the base
Water for fusions on lift level 2
3 lifts per station, 2 cargo lifts(hold 3 vehicles if you squeeze em in) and 1 main lift(can move small to medium sized ships)
Aux exterior build decks on levels 1, 3, and 5
ladder access tunnels to either side of the lifts and ladders in each of the 2 power conduits. (6 ladders total that run near the entire height of the station)
lower docking area with a fairly large glass door.
ability to lock down most all of the doors
continuous ramps through all levels

…Mostly old yet relevant info here…

This is a general purpose build/space war/rp… whatever map, it’s my first map for Gmod. Within are two ‘very’ large space stations, one red, one blue… there are 2 platforms and 2 mini bases in space for general mucking about.

This map started when I loaded up a copy of SB_Abyss and thought to myself how much fun it would be if there were platforms out there to play on. These stations(as large and complex as they are now) started as roughly pentagon shaped platforms in the midst of an empty void.

Each station is defined as a very large planet, thus atmosphere and gravity will extend a fair bit into space. If you want happy fun CDS death just fly a little farther out.

Things I am already aware of,
There is a lighting/texture problem on the floor of lvl 1(blue base only), it’s become part of the station for now, I don’t really care anymore(I can’t fix this easily)
The sky-box could use a sprucing up(That will be the final release, who knows when…when I get around to it. This is the ‘unofficial’ final release :slight_smile:
Lifts can be stopped between levels(easy to fix, just try sending it either up or down until it starts moving again)

Things you should be aware of,
All lift switches have a built in 2 second delay(so you can get on or off the lift before it moves)
The space doors are incredibly fun and quite dangerous.
Turning lights on and off like you’re in a disco can make people crazy :slight_smile:

Common responses to this map from people who have joined my server.
-Holy !&$%
-This is Epic
-This is the best spacebuild map ever.
-I have seen a lot of amazing things in my life, but this takes the cake.

I will be running this on my server “Wolf’s SB2” or “Wolf’s Buildit” when I feel like it.

Anyone that wants to take this map and run it on their server is welcome to, and I suggest using this version as there will not be any remarkable updates in the near future, I am taking a break!

-Whitewind (Map author)

Very good job, Bravo! A couple of things:

  1. You should probably figure a way to label what all the buttons do. There is alot of them! (Maybe next time I should make sure I read the whole thing

  2. It looks like you put placements for planets, is this correct?
    I know this is a beta but keep up the good work!

You say this is sb_SpacetransitJ3. Does this mean there is transit stations like spaceships or something to take you somewhere?

Very good job, Bravo! A couple of things:

Thanks man, it’s a serious work in progress. I am tossing around the idea of adding planets, one person suggested moons, I may go that route.

And Benie…The name was incredibly spur of the moment and mostly random, but it would in general refer to transit between the two stations or out to the platforms. The original intent of the map was to have two moderately large bases and a center base that people could fight over. But now that the corner bases are so large… there’s really not room for it. (You can almost noclip across to the other base as it is) But in essence, transit as in transitioning from one place to another by means that you build yourself :wink:

It has potental. Your textures need lots of improvement.

This is the best spacebuild map ever! lol keep up the good work.

you need screen shots, no pics no cliks, show off what an awesome map this is

There should be pictures? I can’t see any.

Something you might consider is putting the textures that you use into the download because I know that some people cannot afford all the games ect.


And a suggestion would be to make the corners and walls a little more lit up, even with the lights on, and putting lamps everywhere, its hard to see hehe

Best SB map EVER

This is a really nice map. Once the planets are on it should be pretty fun
You should add more screen shots in the first post.

How about two seperate versions, one with planets or moons or what have you, and one without?

Just a thought. I’m gonna go have a look at it now.

I appreciate all the great suggestions coming in from every direction, so here goes…

To everyone that has commented, thank you.

I know you guys want screen shots, I just want the map to be a little more complete before I go putting up shots.
On that note, when this map is final I will be listing it in the releases thread with a mess of pictures.
On ‘that’ note… it’s nowhere near finished yet.

The bad news is, like a lot of artists I will probably never be satisfied with my work. The good news is I have a very down to earth nature and know when something is ‘good enough’. I also believe in ‘Release early, Release often’ so you won’t have to wait an eternity for upgrades to the map.

Things I am thinking about doing,
Re texturing parts of the station to make it appear to be brighter. Relighting most of the station so that it actually ‘is’ brighter.

While I like the idea of moons this level is already getting somewhat…full? shall we say… the stations are really dwarfing the available build space. I will put ‘something’ out there I don’t know exactly what yet.
Rest assured I know that the stations are dark, I specifically bottomed out the lighting so I could have a starting point for building it back up again. I am, however, quite satisfied with the brightness of the sun now, and building outdoors or in the main hangar should be bright enough.

As to including textures, I thought I was doing folks a favor by compiling the different textures I used into the map. If you’re saying that there are yet more that people don’t have, they’d have to be CS:S as that’s the only other source game I own(I only have HL2 and CS:S). I’ll try to look into it but no promises.

As to separate versions, I don’t think that will be necessary because I’m not going to litter space with planets, whatever I put out there will be small in number to keep the overall map complexity from going through the roof.

Thank you all for your input.

I have tried the earlier version of this map, and I fell in love with it.
Though, all the buttons on the command deck made no sense to me, and true they need labeling of some sort.

It was a case of:
“What does this button do? :smiley: … oops. o.O”

This is true. Labels would be nice. Again, amazing map.

There are not as many buttons in the new version in which case there are easier to remember. By the way the map doesn’t use counter strike textures and all the textures used are either in the map or come with gmod. This is simply a client side glitch that happens occasionally where textures just don’t load. Restarting the map or somtime gmod fixes this problem. I only own portal and i don’t get missing textures. But if the problems persist i can upload any missing textures in a pack onto so this map doesn’t get any bigger. lol

BUMP! Amazing map with great potential.
Can you make an amazing skybox too, like in Gooniverse? It would instantly make it a lot more interesting. I’d love a nebula.

It’s awesome, but for some reason the Space Build model pack, and anything else that has a reflective surface(most if not all Life Support/Space Build stuff) has the reflection as a missing texture. Any fix for this?

As i said before somtimes some of the textures don’t load properly the reflective texture is the worst for this just restart the map and the problem will fix it self.

This is aslo client side so if you’re running a server don’t worry its only you.

Adding a really breathtaking skybox is on my to-do list. Hopefully I can come up with something for the final release.

Anyone and everyone that likes this map ‘needs’ to go get the K8 version. I think you will be pleasantly surprised, and if not, at least shocked at the difference in how it looks.

As to the random texture problems on reflective surfaces, I get those too and I end up just restarting Gmod.

Go get K8 now! Have fun everyone.

I found out that it does this when loading spawn icons.