I had this map lying around for years but I never finished and release it. Al tough my mapping skill improved a lot since I made it, I decided not to touch it and just release it as it was as I planned in the first place. So it will look somewhat bland and will have some minor mapping errors due the fact that my approach back then was all wrong. But in the end I find this map quite enjoyable to play on, and I hope you will as well.

The map features a planetary system:

  • 7 planets:
  • 2 earth like planets, one of them is the spawn planet with building/launch sites and a runway
  • 1 mars like planet
  • 1 desert planet
  • 1 ice/water planet
  • 1 totally alien planet
  • 1 moon
  • a few weird-shaped asteroids, easy to colonize
  • a space dock with life support and slight artificial gravity
  • custom textures


  • HL2 Episode 1
  • HL2 Episode 2
  • Spacebuild 3

This map is currently running on my server:

Port: 27016


Useful for any scenebuilders out there