[release][tab]Name:[/tab] SB_Sunken

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1

[tab]Description:[/tab] An Underwater spacebuild map

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Half Life 2: Episode 2

[tab]Download:[/tab] [/release]

This is sunken, an underwater spacebuild map.

  • Features a small underwater town with subterranean flooded transit system.
  • Two build platforms with lift on the top of the water.

This is a fairly simplistic map, and more of a trial for a larger idea, so please add some constructive comments.

(as suggested further down…sb means “sub build”. Credits go to MattyK for thinking that one up. Yes , the water will kill you without life support or god mode. Enjoy.)

Looks blocky from the picture, but I’ll give it a try.

If it’s anything like the tread this is a sure dl!

43 downloads and not one person has given me any feedback. At the moment, I’m seriously putting submerged on the shelf and letting the dust fall on it.

Just give it some time.

Well…when dm_bigrandomblocks gets more feedback than this map, I end up being severely disinclined to even think about building a much larger version of this map.

it’s good :slight_smile: I think you should make a bigger one with loads of Secrets and Hidden tunnels to explore

Yeah, and the water could be a tad foggier, with moss and stuff covering all the buildings to give it a more ruined look.

looks nice, but I’d say you should work on 1 project at a time. finish rp_blackmesa before returning to this. And I know I should be doing it, but I’m… doing… things. phew, thank god I don’t have to come up with a really complicated excuse for not mappi… oh shi… I’m still here?

spacebuild=going to planets, making space ships etc.

this is not spacebuild, this is merely just an underwater exploration map im sorry to say.

Looks very undetailed and badly textured. Lighting is also dull in some places.

Ok…another one that thinks spacebuild is just for planets. If there was a mod out called underwaterbuild that contained life support systems then i would have called it UWB_sunken. Alas there isn’t so there you go. It is designed for LS, but if i don’t put that somewhere in the title, people will complain when they drown. Lose-Lose situation i’m afraid.

Finally some criticism…what took you lot so long :smiley:

And as for working on one project at a time…that’s tough for me. I have rp_bm going on, a tau battlecruiser (heavy wip) and possibly another gm_silo. If i’m not working on three projects at a time i run out of ideas and another map dies.

why not just call it ls_sunken, lifesupport_sunken
you dont have to use specified tags for each map.

I have to ask, how translucent is that water? Am I seeing the bottom of the pool or a reflection?

The water is very translucent. you are seeing technically the bottom of the pool.

As for the ls tag…yes i could have used ls_sunken, but as ls is part of the overall sb addon it would be a lot easier explaining why i called it sb than dealing with the hordes of people complaining that they need ls to make this work as it was designed. Guess i was wrong.

Is it still as translucent underwater?


sb = Sub Build anybody? The “SB” prefix hasn’t been trademarked as SpaceBuild yet, and I doubt it ever will, adapt, or gtfo.

Everyone know that SB means SpaceBuild.

Just like that RP applies to roleplay and zs to Zombie Survival.

You DO realize you’re complaining about tags. Something that hardly affects gameplay at all. Actually, it doesn’t. So, if you lot realize the ridiculous topic you’re arguing over, then maybe you should discuss that actual MAP, not the NAME.