sb_voyages messed up

It loads and i just get in the game the screen is just turning black and i can hear my phy gun come out and the whole game crashes. Freash installation of voyages. I have no clue what it could be. all other sb maps work just fine.

Maby its just a bad map.

no there is an entire server hosting the map with like 7 ppl in it. someone has to know a fix or what the problem is.

re-download it and re-upload it onto garrys mod again.

wow you really dont think i havnt tried this like oh lets see 10 times?

Sorry for trying to help you.

“Freash installation of voyages.” not being insulting but im getting pissed with this map. That is a quote from the original post above. so this doesnt happen ill go ahead and say all the things ive done to get it to work.
Completely reinstalled gmod.
Downloaded and installed it quite a few times.
Downloaded and installed from friends and other people willing to help me
updated everything from windows which i really hate to do cause they tend to fuck stuff up which they did my screen blinks like 50 time now when i start my computer up
Googled my ass off and get nothing but THIS post and my other post that got ignored.
I even attemted to contact the maps creator bynari.

Did he reply?

he hasnt been on facepunch for 3 weeks. Still have nothing i can go on about why this map isnt working. Even the laggy forlorn works on my computer and i seriously doubt ANY spacebuild map can possibly be any laggier than that map. oh and you people that are just skimming through clicking the dumb,polite,bad spelling, etc buttons post some help cause just doing that is stupid.

Ill research on it.


All i can find right now is this, check out some of the last posts-they have the same problem:

ya i already ran into those posts. Thanks for trying. kinda sad that the new dude to the forums is the only one offering help.

No problem.

Stay Classy.

Map could not work with latest updates, or you could have a bad computer. Or the resources from other games (if the map has anything from other games. I don’t use it so I don’t know) could be corrupted.