SB_Voyages [Spacebuild 2]

Here’s the Spacebuild 2 version of my new map, featuring an RP style home planet, a few habitable worlds, volcanic cavernous planets and more!



Very nice, thank you. Just a note, on the neptune planet my fps goes from around a max of 150 to about 30 on any game setting, idk if you can fix this but I just wanted to make you aware.

Way sexier than new worlds. Great job!

This map is so incredibly sexy that i have come twice D:

new download link would be nice

What’s wrong with the old one? does not work with me

I get pink and black on all but starting planet (not counting water) and forest planet.
What games do you need?

Probably Half-Life 2 at least. I imagine a lot of HL2 textures (like grass and stuff) were used like in other SB maps.

I’m missing the material for the ground on the moon and some areas of the houses, like under the roof and on the ceiling.
I’ll reinstall the materials to see if I missed something; does it require EP2?

Anybody? :frowning:

Umm could we have a working download link please?

Oh nvm its invisible :smiley: (Well it is for me anyways) :smiley:

thanks very good map

Do you have Counter Strike: Source?

HOT,can i have the lava texture?

where do I extract it to because it won’t work for me, I extracted to garrysmod/garrysmod/maps

Restart gmod.

For me this map just crashis as soon as it loads, I here the spawn sound and it crashis. I think the download link is messed up. plz make an svn or new link.

There’s nothing wrong with the file. No, I will not make an svn.