sb_wuwgalaxy_v2 is a spacebuild map with Ancient (from stargate) design. The map is going to be very detailed.
[Release] The Spawn:
Status: 99%

[Release]Space Station:
Status: 98%



[Release]Live mapping:


Plans: [ul]
[li] ~4 planets (30%)
[/li][li] Januus base (60%)
[/li][li] Ancient Base (0%)

Origoadam - Project Leader + Map
Yokko - Design, Map, Model, Texture
Insomnia - Design
Botond - Design
TóNi - Texture
Daniel- Texture, Model
Iziraider - Model
Boba Fett - Texture

** Release date: ** Unknown


Textures are nice. The brushwork is a bit bland and uninteresting in some parts.

Really boring to look at.

The textures are very dull, making the whole map have a pretty bland feel to it.

Theres like, 1 or 2 textures I really like, but all others just look like simple filters in PS.

It’s not bad but you should put more details on it

The map is under construction, still not 100%


Wow, that’s, erm, quite a detailed planet there.

Very impressive!

Looking good so far, keep up the good work.

New planet:

Dome for the ice planet:
Stargate ramp for the lava planet:

Looks like something off of Spore…

It looks like a chocolate covered caramel ball of deliciousness and I would very much like to eat it. Anyway, looking forward to this map, It looks like there’ll be a lot of variation.

You can always use the texture i sent to you or ask more from me :slight_smile:

As for lavaplanet you know my idea to do the thing with the ring platform :slight_smile:

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Texture and normals are really great done, did you do them from scratch ? Did you used crazybump for normals or what programs did you use to create this ?

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Models look quite nice so does the textures, no way they can be included in cap “ramp especially ?”
I bother asking as you should know i effing luv that ramp :confused:
But i prop know your answer and that is no :frowning:

Well anyway good job on both models, though it wouldn’t heard to slightly edit the base textures of them as imo the scratches are that to thick and to huge. For the rest color scheme looks nice.

yes from scratch and i used crazybump

Sweet. I loved the first version.

Oke with the texture’s i sent to you guys, you should have that bit better look on the snow base, so feel free to ask if you want any new textures :slight_smile:

don’t forget to add me to credits :slight_smile:

looks nice wuw v1 is all i play on pls get it out asap

I hope you know this thread is 2 years old… Anyways it looks quite nice, shame it seems to be dead.