sbcg4ap models

ok, we’ve already got strong bad in g-mod, but what about the other characters? i was wondering if someone could port

coach z
king of town
strong mad
strong sad

BTW, sbcg4ap stands for strong bads cool game for attractive people

Please don’t use abbreviations in the titles.

sorry, it stands for strong bad’s cool game for attractive people

but can someone port these models?

If it’s for your another 10-second pose, then no.

I agree, we have no reason to do this for him since in reality it’d be a waste of time. He’d probably use them for some 10 second pose.

i don’t make poses here anymore

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and i’m requesting this for everyone who’s a homestar runner fan and wants homestar runner characters in gmod

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but seriously, someone port these

actually, scratch that first 1

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i hate you

Oooooh of course we’ll port things for you for free.

you’re being sarcastic, aren’t you?

Then why didnt you just say that?

People do it all the time.

Do you happen to see the behavior of the person requesting? It’s quite rude.

i don’t know, i thought people would know what it stood for

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whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? being rude?! i’m sorry for saying i hate you. and i really thought gregster was being sarcastic

ffs, stop it, kid, just stop it.

i’m not going to use these on a facepunch thread, i’ll post pics somewhere else, i just want these models

Patience is a virtue.

And just listen to the others about improving your posing skills. You can’t pose in less than 10 seconds. It’s like you want to get things done, but you think it’s bad ass enough. It doesn’t work!

But back to the topic’s point, I think we do need Homestar Runner models. We already got Strong Bad for G-Mod, but we’re missing the other characters.

We do have a map about it, even though it’s not as better as the original.

i apologize if it seemed like i was being impatient, i was just really trying to avoid a derailed thread

Did you enjoy the ban?

which one?

For dumb bump.