SBCMP map name poll!

Current Map Thread:

YOU get to vote on the map name! Cast your vote on the name YOU like the best!


The Wasteland planet of Gamdor: (WIP)

The red, barren planet of Zarn:(WIP)

The spawn space ship models and others, Destiny:(WIP)

Hey guys!

Being a community project, we decided we want the community to be able to choose among the group’s top name ideas! After long group discussions, the above poll is the result of our efforts!

Pick the one you think is best!


I suggest posting a few pictures of the map, so that people get a good feel for it, and select the name that fits with the images.

I’ve checked the map thread, but all I see is a wasteland, and some 3D model images of a space ship. (Which looks like a sound woofer, by the way. :3 )

I don’t really like any of the choices…

Pangea sounds good. Like, it reminds me of how the continents were once united, like a community mapping project.


It’s a good name because it actually has a meaning.


And sb_proximacentauri sounds long and cheesy.

VOTE: Proxi!

Why do people use a square texture for the smoke clouds

They don’t; that’s how the smoke in Source is.

Depends on the texture.

Well, no, not exactly. A func_dustcloud will create the square smoke(dust), while func_smokevolume is different, it depends on the texture.

It’s all based on how the mapper wants to optimize their map, func_dustclouds disappear at a certain point while func_smokevolume pretty much stays forever. Particles don’t take much to create so there won’t be a huge drop in FPS.

Back on topic, I voted sb_Cambria

That depends on the GPU. All the computers I’ve tested on have huge problems with particle effects (as in FPS drops from 120 to 15), where one of them actually is SLI.

voted for pangea

Those models are very cool, that shit had better make it to gmod yo
When I was making my map I searched up an english to latin and greek dictionary and squashed 2-3 words together that summarised what the planet was all about, worked nicely for planet names that actually sounded like planet names.


btw if you were going for the word, it’s paradigm instead of paradym :v:

Please note: If you vote for Proxi (Proximacentuari) The sky box Will have 3 suns, therefore making the map connected to its name!

Please note: If you vote for sb_Pangea, it’ll help further communicate the unified goal of the project

Also, this is a bump to let others know the project is not dead, and we are still working hard on it! :smile: