SBD Dauntless WIP

So I decided to make my first real plane, the others well… exploded on lift off.

C&C… I’m getting pretty lazy lately and not wanting to finish stuff so who knows you may get to finish this :v:.

Looks ok I guess…

You might get some more views if you provide a link back in the wip thread as well:

I like the front end and the canopy so far, but i think the barrells look aweful, and won’t come out very smooth in the end. Also, why didn’t you try using the “Tube” Props, were they’re sizes too fail?

I wasn’t going to use the barrels as the ending of the plane, as a WIP I was experimenting with the props and the tube props just didn’t have the right size without me having to add some shit to it and that made it look rediculous.

Horrible use of props IMO. (Amount of props for a single detail etc…)