SBEP Contraption Collection: V1

Hey guys! Post your SBEP ships and descriptions here. Please only post one ship per post(multiple pics of that ship are ok)
Please follow the same rules here as you would on the SBEP thread.
Happy Building!

EDIT: Note, that anyone who posts here solely to bash the SBEP will be reported for trolling.

The Cradle(Full size)

Cradle(practical/usable size)



Oh look, the immature buggers have arrived.

Seriously guys, cut them some slack. They’ve got no where to go to.

You didn’t even materialize them. They are close to 100% sbep and are too big. (By too big i mean that the space inside them isn’t even used.)

You best be trolling.

Actually the inside is completely full and rigged with life support. As for materials, so what if i didn’t?

Yes, Ofcourse that gigantic ship is all filled with interior. Empty corridors with one air thingy doesn’t count. Ships are built to be practical, not big.

Besides, You’ve only posted 2 pics of the outside of it.
There’s more things to contraptions.

Does it work for example? How is it controlled?
Does it have anything other ships doesnt?
What makes it unique?
How multiplayer friendly is it? Constraints, Props, In-raise, Is it parented? etc etc
Escape pods?
Is it all corridors with loud machines in or is there some furniture? Like, Kitchen, Sleeping areas, etc.

When i come here, and post my contraptions, i expect you people to write what you think. How are people supposed to improve if nobody tells them what’s wrong?

Telling someone whats wrong it one thing. “No” and “This” is something else entirely.

can you post a download link?

Sure, I’ll get one up a little later, but I started this thread as a place for ALL space build users to post their ships, not just me. That is why it is not very well photographed.

And kp3, the corridors do not just have one “air thingy” mmmmkay? I have all sorts of interior props as well as life support. I will take some more pictures after I get home and finish my homework.

As for features, here:
Living/ sleeping quarters with beds and couches that are sit-able
ambient sounds in the engine room/s
artillery bombardment bay on the mac cannon side
health meter
warning sounds
bridge with rt cameras, fire control station, and ambient sound
engine glow and effects using the particle control system(toggle-able, but will lag lower end machines quite a bit)
landing deck is an entity that can lock in pre-built ships or ADV Gyro-Pod controlled ships
The practical sized version is flown via Gyro-Pod
The “station” sized version is hover balls and wire thrusters
The practical size version is very multilayer friendly and handles great!
The larger version is still ok on multilayer, but is best used as a sort of space station

Hope those details will tide you over Kp3
Now hopefully more SBEP creators will post here( I linked the main thread to it in a previous post)

We are having a sbmp invasion aren’t we, I’ve left it for now but this is back 2 the normal sbmp rubbish we get.

I just don’t get it. Why are you guys such elitist bitches?

You’re always complaining about how people use SBMP for their ships.

Tell me now, Grumpy Hunta, how did YOU start using Gmod?

I do like SBEP, just please do not make it just purely SBEP models, otherwise they all look the same, add some variety to it ya know, make it battle damaged with some vanilla GMOD props, add your own structures made out of PHX parts, use SBEP for the bulk of it.

That’s what we try to, but most of the elitists around here see one hull piece and stamp LOLFAGGHEYCUNTRPTION on it.

As for now, I’ll deliver.

(I’m not mediatagging them, tags are borked.)

Most people start out with a bathtub, a kleiner and some turrets… And to get to using SBEP to make ships like this is to have come quite a long way. Yet most of the stuff posted here on facepunch are above SBEP ships. So yeah, most people started out the way this dude did, difference is that they didn’t post it here. That’s what matters.

They can’t post it anywhere else so don’t blame them. Jaanus kicked them out of the SBEP thread and pointed this way. So before any more haters pop in about why are these ships posted here, go and complain to Jaanus. Thanks.

Barring my one-word post, I’ll elaborate my final opinion on the SBEP Addon.

It’s not bad. But it’s not the greatest thing ever either. Yes, it has some very impressive, well, modeled props, and a lot of props in terms of variety. It has some well-coded SEnts, Fully-functioning turrets, functioning doors and hatches and airlocks and vehicles with snap-together parts. It is probably one of the greater addons to grace Garry’s Mod, up there with PHX and Wiremod.

However, SBEP by itself get’s very boring very quickly. It’s not so much the textures(The props and hull parts all have varied and well-done materials and skinning), but the repetition. Those same octagonal hull pieces, repeated over and over again. The same flatgrass-scale spamfests that would need divine intervention to function, let alone move at all. Ships like the one the OP ‘created’ are what give SBEP a bad rep: idiots who have no clue of aesthetics, functionality or even scale.

I would go into detail about what I do when I use the models and hull pieces, but this is turning into an essay so I’m going to cut it short. Bottom line, SBEP’s not the greatest, but it beats boxcar and train spaceships any day of the week.



I demand to know how you made that smexy space station. I can’t even tell apart individual props there.

First off, I use the ship in the op on multilayer all the time, and it works great.
Second, I usually add new exterior stuff to my ships, but the one in the op is still very wip.
Third, and finally, the space station is a map, gm_Battlestation: Heres the link:

I do agree that ships that are flat-grass spam ships are a shame to the SBEP community. The ship in the op(the practical version) really isn’t that big.

Also, good pics! keep em coming!

-out numbered-

Just a question; why do people who hate SBEP enter a thread for that model pack? If they don’t like it then they won’t like any contraption that has SBEP in the thread title so why do they waste their time looking at it?

Might I suggest adding something to the first post saying that anyone who posts here solely to bash the SBEP will be reported for trolling (since I think that’s a textbook example of trolling)? It’s what I’d do if I ever made a thread for an SBEP-using contraption.