SBEP Door problem.

For some odd reason i get this:

[addons\sbep_entities\lua\entities\sbep_base_door_controller\init.lua:63] attempt to call method ‘SetDoorType’ (a nil value)
[@addons\dynamic_gibs\lua\autorun\server\sv_dynamic_gibs.lua:220] bad argument #1 to ‘OldPreGCSetModel’ (string expected, got nil)

Everytime i try to spawn a door… I’ve tried downloading the SBEP_Entities off and the SVN but both do the same. It used to work. :confused: anyone got a clue on whats wrong?

A problem in the SBEP code, or an addon messing with/ blocking the code. Re-install, check addons. If all fails and you really want the doors to work your going to have to uninstall all addons.

i no minecraft block multiplayer swep conflicts with the dynamic gib pack in sbep and several other addons conflict with it
try manualy removing the dynamic gib part of the sbep and then run the game