SBEP Error

I’ve been trying to get the SBEP to download for a couple of hours now and i can get all but the model pack, neather tortoise SVN or Gmod SVN work i keep getting this error

I Belive that it is most likely a server side error

in the mean time is there any way i can get the model pack somwere else?

You can download the latest dump of SBEP from

Click here to start the download immediately.

I strongly advise that you do not make visits to a habit, due to the huge advantages of SVN that I’m sure you’re already aware of.


Until the SVN for SBEP is fixed, I strongly recommend that you download it off of


Fact: SBEP is now on revision 404. Coincidence?
At least that’s what it says when you put in your browser.
Could just be the error code, not the revision it’s displaying.