I know how to use alot of stuff in space build, but there is just one thing that is really bugging me! I want to know how to use the Analog controller in the entities tab. What do you wire it to? Can you use it for a wire winch? please help!

I thought that you would just use it as a button… but I never tried.

You mean the lever? Wire a screen to it and you will see how it works.

Yea i mean the lever. But thanks i will try that.

it didnt work. i couldnt wire it to a screen

1: Spawn the lever.
2: Spawn a screen. (Make sure floor screen value is unchecked)
3: Get the wire tool (or prefferably the wire adv tool, it’s better).
4: Click the screen. It should say “A” and/or “B”. Click either of them. Doesn’t matter.
5: Click the lever.
The screen will now show values 0 to 1.

Ya i did that but like the screen the lever also has an A and a B except its Min and Max. Do i put either A/B on either Min/Max?

Oh yes I forgot about those. Min and max are inputs, not outputs, so you can’t wire the screen to them. You need to spawn a constant value with two values in it, and wire Min and Max to those two values. When you push the lever back and forth, it will range between those two values.

Sweet it worked! thanks!

Wow hot damn. I never knew that’s how the level works!!! That will make controlling hoverball speed a lot easier.

ya since i now know how to use it i use it for my winch that (now) has a controllable speed !

I have been trying to do this, but I can’t wire value A to the lever, it won’t let me…