SBEP Landing gear idea

Just an idea, id love to have this on sbep, like we have door that we can wire. we could have a landing gear that we wire too.

Uploaded with

That’s an awesome idea it will really help with spacebuild landings.

Realated question, i can’t see the models even thought i have installed spacebuild in Steamapps/<mySteamaccount>/Garrysmod/Garrysmod/Addons/sbep/spep models, entites ect.
It won’t work thought any help? I AM NOT TRYING TO HIJACK THE THREAD

Take them out of the SBEP folder, and put the models, entities ect into addons directly.

That would be awesome.

And very useful in stuffs other than SBEP.

So it is just a plate that moves onto the ground?
That is retarded.

Thanks whosdr

Problem is, aren’t the surfaces of the planets on almost every space map uneven?

You can build this by hand (or toolgun to be specific), its not something that you just have to make an ent for.

It’ll be better if it works like the landing gear they have in airplanes today. Its concealed.

that was only an example… ;|

i like that idea of airplane landing gear, for spacebuild could have both. with wheels and other without