SBEP - Life Support doesn't work in space

I can’t seem to get life support to work while in space or other planets. When I go under water, I do begin to lose air though. Any ideas why? I was thinking of re-downloading, but I don’t know the SVN’s to download from.

I’ve never played Spacebuild before but im guessing theres a gap in your vehicle maybe.

SBEP does not take care of life support.
Make sure you have all the latest versions of the necessary addons. I’d give you the link to SnakeSVX’s website where all the SVN links are, but it seems his SVN link page is dead.

Yeah, thats what people on a different sb server said. I’ll jus get them the hard way.

You can breathe in space and such because you didn’t install correctly.

SnakeSVX’s wiki is back up: