SBEP Model Pack?

I’ve been searching for hours now, and I just can’t find the SBEP models! I got the other packs (entities, weapons etc…), and all I need are the models that got removed on

Get the svn.

I can’t cause TortoiseSVN always gives me an error and it never works. I’ve tried everything to get it to work, but it just won’t…

Did you get the right version?
and what errors?

I tried all available versions. And I can’t remember what error it gave me…

try again and find the error

i have a similar problem
i got the svn and it worked fine but i still get error signs
how do i fix it plz help i really think the sbep is cool
sbmp works fine
i tried to update all my svns but thay are all recent

I play on a spacebuild server alot. It helps to have it memorized, as I get asked about it alot.

svn is the only way

But this fails I tried and it didn’t work I can’t get it to start phx and wire worked GREAT but this one’s failing!!

Go get the GMOD SVN UPDATER. Download it. Needs no install. All you have to do is tell it where your addons folder is. I have it. It’s amazing. LINK:

but the link for models dosent work!!! someone help me!