SBEP Models not spawning

Hi, I had this problem a while ago, but I ignored it and cancelled the server. Now, I’m trying to setup my own spacebuild server (it is my entire server, so I have complete access to it), but I can’t spawn the models. The models I mean are the ones like [SmallBridge] Hulls,SW and ALL models that should be with SBEP. I have no idea why they aren’t working. On my client, I have the same files (as they show in the list), and on the server I currently have the following folders in the addons folder to do with SBEP:

  • SBEP_Entities
  • SBEP_Experimental
  • SBEP_Fortifications
  • SBEP_Models
  • SBEP_Weapons
  • SpacebuildModelPackAlpha2

I cannot spawn any of the SBEP models, only a half a second lag when I click on the spawnicons. Could anybody help me? I really need any help possible.
OS: Linux

Bump. Anybody?