SBEP (Space Build Enhancement Pack) Some Entities missing

Reading through the SBEP wiki, I realized that I’m not getting all of the SBEP stuff i should be getting. I’ve set up the SVN, space build stuff and everything is were it should be.

I’ve seen on one server I joined there were flyable space ships but i don’t have them. I’ve heard that I needed Nighthawks joystick module to spawn these, I have it, but it still won’t show in my entities tab.
I feel that I’m missing out on more things in SBEP, could someone tell me what to do to get the rest of the entities n’ stuff? I’m completely stumped.
also if it helps, here how I’ve installed the stuff already: 1) Checked out each of the 5 SBEP SVN files to addons. 2) [note: I run Mac, so i have to add addon files manuely] deleted old joystick module, when’t into new joystick module folder>lua>includes>modules>installed the 2 files in garrysmod>garrysmod>lua>includes>modules. next when’t back to joystick module file>addons>installed the file “joystick” into garrysmod>garrysmod>addons.

Could you mention the stools/entity names that you are having these issues with?

Just saying I don’t have all entities isn’t really usefull.

I’m mostly concerned with missing the working space ship entities.

They may be in the experimental SVN? If not, then the entities SVN.

ok. where could i find those links?

The ships are not included in the svn, I think they had to be replaced by a new system. If you want to use the old ships, you can download them from this link: