SBEP spawnlist issue

I’ve got a bit of a problem. I used the SBEP svn, but I don’t see the SBEP entities in the entity spawnlist tab.

What should I do? I already tried going to the settings folder and deleting everything in the spawnlist folder, (as the SBEP thread recommends), and that didn’t work. A little help would be appreciated.

there not under the main tab there in there own tabs inside the entiteis section. u also must have the entites folder in ur addons.

the SBEP folder IS in addons, though. Also, I already said “in the Entities tab” :v:

do u have the folders from the sbep folder in it or is the sbep folder itself in ur addons.

the SBEP folder has all the contents, which is in the addons folder. Although, the instructions on the SBEP wiki does not tell you to put those folders in the addons folder.

I’m assuming (not to be an idiot) that nobody knows what’s wrong? I’ve updated the SVN a few times so it should have everything.

i have a similar problem. i only have about a quarter of the entities in my spawn list. i don’t have several of the scripted ships its supposed to include, and i don’t have any of the docking clamps.
edit: sorry for necro, but i really couldn’t find an updated spawnlist anywhere so i posted here.