Sbep weapons and entities; Tutorials or HowsTo

Hi! my name is wikiti (not real lol) and I came from spain. I come here to ask if some one can teach me or send me some tutorials to play with this weapons y ensapcebuild servers. For example, i want to make a vierling swivel mount with 4 guns and a seat, i use the adv. pod controlled, but I don’t know what to wire :confused:
As this, I want to know too how to make rockets launchers work, for example Stinger. I want to know how to use this:
At leats know how to use all the sbep :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi to all: wikiti

SBEP is easier than having to wire things. To put a weapon on a mount, just physgun it into touching the mount and it’ll snap into place, weld and everything. To make it pod controlled, make a seat of any kind, doesn’t have to be a SBEP model, then physgun it into touching the mount and it’ll be linked to the mount (not in the sense of a constraint). Then just get in the pod, the turret will look where you’re looking. Left click to fire.

Thank you, very easy ;D
2 more questions:
-How i can make the mount with a target finder?
-Srry not stinger, just pod x4 misiles, or x8 or x16, i didnt remember… how i can make it work? the spawn and then fall to the ground; i want to put it a guidance type, and i dont know how :V