SBEP won't work

This is an incredibly weird problem. I used to have SBEP. It worked perfectly. I installed addons including SharpEye, PC Mod and some NPCs and maps. Now, SBEP doesn’t work. It doesn’t display any tools. It displays the models in props, but I can’t spawn them. Everything involved with it is an error. I’ve tried reinstalling it and it still hates me.

remove all addons and reinstall SBEP

But meh like my addonz!

Take the addons out, put them in a folder for later, reinstall SBEP, start garrys Mod, and see what happens.

Okay, I’ll try this out. Thanks.

Doesn’t work.
All of the spawn lists for the props and the model pictures show up. I can’t spawn them, though, and there’s no tools.
I need some help, here. Even when I un-install SBEP completely, I still get spawn lists.

Spawnlists are only recached if the folder isn’t there. You have to delete:

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps{STEAMNAME}\garrysmod\garrysmod\settings\spawnlist

When you restart gmod the spawnlists will be remade and if SBEP isn’t installed the spawnlist will be gone.

If you are using SBEP… It must be downloaded via svn and all the folders like SBEP_ents SBEP_experimental etc have to be moved into your addons folder, not one folder with them all in.

Great, I think you’ve got it on the nose. I put it all in one folder. Just one question before I do this, does deleting the spawn list delete the prop addons I may have or damage them in anway?

If they are all addons, no.

I did what you said and deleted the spawnlist. That all went well. I then went to the SBEP wiki, clicked “getting started” and used Tortoise SVN on the webpage it provided. I chose the addons folder to extract to. It made a new folder called “sbep” and filled it with everything. Gmod is not registering any of it on the prop list, eneties or anything.

Well you could always try a fresh Garry’s Mod (renaming the folder 'n such) if it comes down to it.