SBEP zero gravity full 3d movement

Is it possible to make an addon for SBEP that makes us fly in zero gravity like in the game crysis?

Does de source engine lets us do that?

When i mean full 3d, i mean rotate to all directions freely.


Gyro Pod?

With gyro pod we can use physgun?

My idea is to use physgun, guns, stool etc… while in full rotation, doing backflips, whatever.

There’s probably a really hacky way of doing it, but it would take a lot more than just one suggestion to get them to undertake the amount of effort it would need to become a reality.

I think youre right. anyway it would be nice for spacebuild.


This is already in development.
“Localized Physics”

actually, i know a guy who made a small gyropod flyer that used a weapon seat, so he could use weapons and shit while flying

it looked like a huge backpack

nice, somebody wants the same as me.

thank you guys