First of all, I’m not entirely sure what it is. I looked up on the wiki, but it only seems to retain SBEP weapons; it got me highly interested.

What exactly is SBEP? Also, doesn’t have anything related… SVN only?

Any help is much appreciated! thanks


It’s only the best addon EVER!
It’s basically Spacebuild minus the gamemode. It is SVN only. You should be highly interested. And it’s worth the gigs upon gigs of space.
Here’s the thread for it!

lol, thanks. blarg… I didn’t want spacebuild though.

Le’Sigh… I honestly don’t know of any good servers to use anyways; too many mingebag fags or RP fags.

Seriously, why don’t people just fuck around anymore? Candid zombie survival is pretty fun.


I don’t even do Multiplayer anymore because of all the minges, just solo and build ships.

It’s not really ‘Spacebuild without the gamemode’.

It stands for Spacebuild Extension Project, but it’s completely independent of the gamemode. You can use it fine on Sandbox.

It has a load of things that make it easier to throw together some ships and have a big bash fest.

  • Modular ship props - build bigger ships with less props for less lag, with nice-looking walkable interiors
  • Premade ships and rovers - just spawn the SENT, press E to get in it and fly (with the mouse if you like) without having to use Wiremod or anything like that
  • Easy weapon system - spawn a ship SENT, spawn a weapon, physgun it so it touches the ship and it’ll instantly snap into place. Then when you get in the ship you can use the mouse buttons to fire
  • Easy turret system - spawn a swivel mount, snap some weapons onto it, then spawn any vehicle and touch it to the turret with the physgun. Then when you get in the seat, you can aim and fire with the mouse.
  • Easy carrier system - put a hangar SENT in your ship, then when you fly into the hangar in a fighter and turn off the engines the fighter will snap and weld to the hangar, and you’ll automatically exit the fighter and be placed on one of the walkways. To launch the fighter again, just get in the fighter, turn on the engines and away you go.
  • Uses the GCombat damage system on all weapons

yea, sbep is pretty good but I only have one problem with it, mayb I can fix but its not about sbep, well it sorta is but still. when you spwan prop hatches and their parent hatch component. WHY DOES IT NOT WANT TO STAY! i use wire hydrolics, mayb thats the problem? but even when I try to axis them together, it hates me. I have smart snap and all that