Alright you’ve all seen a million threads about this, but this problem needs to be solved! It effects so many people including me.

At first it crashes while trying to generate the spawn icons of the SBMP
But after about a few times it crashes when you enter any spawn menu. Even Useful Construction Props
No error. Just instant crash.

We need to figure this out because I personally love spacebuild and SBMP (Along with MANY others) and I need to use it.

Here’s what you can do for now though. You can make the props a list instead of icons, but I can’t handle that because I need to see what the props are and I can’t just stand there spawning each prop every time I’m trying to find something.

The only way found to fix this is to completely clean gmod, and don’t ever install it again.
But… That’s just unacceptable.

Not to be offensive but it just sound like your computer really suck.

No problem. But it is actually pretty decent.
Only problem is the graphics card.

Computer: HP Pavilion
Processor: AMD Phenom Triple core at 2.1 GHz
RAM: 3Gb of RAM
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9300 GE
(A shitty AGP card that has teh capability but not the power, I highly doubt thats the problem though because many others have this problem and they have better cards)

These specs are lies. There is no 9300 GE over AGP. There are no “tri cores”

Hahaha dude you’ve got to be kidding me, look up your damned facts before accusing people of lies!

Well I checked. There are no AGP nVidea 9300s. I did find the AMD thingy. Sorry. I didn’t know enough about AMDs to make that assumption.

Well the motherboard slot isn’t PCI or PCI Express. So you tell me. Either way it can handle SBMP. It’s just shit.

I have an idea. Get someone to render the spawn icons for you.

Phenom does have triple cores. They are a rather odd bunch.

Yeah, that doesn’t sound like a hardware spec problem. I guess you are just going to have to wait for Garry to fix this.

Good idea I’ll try that

I have no problems… works fine with me… i even host spacebuild pof my pc and still dont crash with SBMP.

SBMP is awsom, well… better than PHX. but consider that SBMP also has alot of coding attached to it. Entitys for example. It may be trying to jumpstart some scriptin when you try to spawn a model… since models are used in vichals and entitys aswel. not sure this will be the problem but it has happend to me befor.

Could be a problem with the icons…

There is a way to make the spawn menu into lists (no icons). There’s an option to do it in bit above the icons in the spawn menu. I think it is the icon to the far right.

Yes i mentioned the lists. But it takes about 4 times longer to do anything because you have no idea what the props look like.

But listen to this. So I went into browse and started creating spawn icons that way and everything was working fine and dandy, so i went back to the prop spawner and made it into icons again. Everything was still working great. I started generating icons and it was all the way it should be. Then I went back to the TF2 list (I had already been there like 2 minutes ago) and suddenly my game crashed. So I started my game up again and when I press Q it crashed right away. It didn’t even give me a chance to change it back to list.


I had this problem I just cleaned gmod up.
only mods on it are SVN version’s
You can reinstall it just be sure what else you install(Might interfere with it.), I did reinstall SBMP with SVN and it worked fine.

Just make sure you know what you are dling and that if its a SVN only mod get it ONLY THROUGH SVN other ones posted on sites are ones that can mess up your gmod if you dont clear through it(look at files to make sure their not viruses)

Too many addons, Garry’s Mod has a memory limit for addons, SBMP takes up a shitload of it, the same thing happened to me, delete unused addons and you’ll be fine.

Well see the problem with your fix l337k1ll4
Is that I already deleted EVERYTHING that I wouldn’t need
Everything I have I need and I need BAD

Really? Then you must have a ton of “needed” addons, what are they?

Tools and model packs like PHX
Then CSS realistic weapons
Life Support with all addons

Edit: That’s really not much.

Cut and paste your addons to your desktop. Restart your gmod. See if that works first. If it does, perhaps one of your addon is corrupted.