SBMP crashes (newest release)

Hello , I’ve problem with SBMP , whenever i install it (addon) the game crashes while listing in props .
Icons are already loaded … It crashes when i list in any category including CSS/DoD:S … Any ideas ? I’ve already tryied to download it from many sites … GCOMBAT9 + SB3 and SG addon and PHX , nothing else …

Wrong forum, but try using the SVN versions of SBMP and SB3. It could also be a specification problem due to the amount of models actually contained in SBMP, what are your specs?

Go ask in the SBEP thread.

GeForce 295GTX (1782Mb Mem.) , Intel Core Quad Q6600(4x 2,4ghz) , 4GB ram (1066MHZ) , but i totaly reinstalled steam and it seems to be working now … i’ll reply again if problem still persist.

Lua releases? I thought you coded crash effects for SBMP.