SBMP - Problem

Hey everyone.

I have a problem: You know what SBMP is right? Well it’s called SpaceBuild Model Pack.

Anyways, to the point. I tried to join a server with spacebuild. So I did and played for a bit. Then I got bored and said “I’m gonna get rid of this.”

So I go and delete the file. By the way, I used SVN to get the pack.

After I deleted it, I went back to Garry’s Mod, and… They are still there? I went to the spawn menu to see the folders and spawn icons were still there. So I deleted the folders in-game, but no dice.

Is there anyway to get rid of these icons and folders? I don’t like them in there when they are all errors. :3

If you can help me thanks.


Does anyone know how to fix this? Has anyone had this problem?

FIXED IT! Nevermind guys!

How did you fix it?

Delete settings/spawnlist.

All I did was go to settings and delete the spawn list as said before.