SBMP Weapon Errors

I downloaded the SBMP svn ages ago it worked fine online and on single player. then about 2 days ago some of the weapons stopped working (all the missiles, the strum fause and the torepos). i re-downloaded it and still no luck, anyone got any ideas? thank yar.

(p.s i cant spell)

Hi Harry! Wangstick.
An addon you downloaded probably did it. Although I already told you this IRL…

Are you running in SB mode or sandbox mode. Last time I checked, the weapons don’t work properly in sandbox mode.

ive tried in both SB and sandbox neither work. execpt online.

You need gcombat_08 for those weapons to work.

i have the svn. i presume thats the same thing?

I’m not too sure.
Try reinstalling sbmp and/or gcombat.

ive reinstalled SBMP. ill try gcombat. thx. oh and by the way does anyone have the gcombat svn problem of most of the weapons not appearing in the list?


OK. ive reinstalled both gcombat and GCX still no luck. and to help this is the error i get when firing any of the missile launchers:

entities/sf-homingmissile/init.lua:131: attempt to compare number with nil

Flak cannon

entities/sf-flakshell/init.lua:61: bad argument #1 to ‘SetAngles’ (Angle expected, got nil)

strum faust

entities/sf-sturmfaust/init.lua:29: attempt to call field ‘registerent’ (a nil value)

Yo shits fucked up. Remove all addons apart from Gcombat and SB, then if it works put in the addons and try to determine whats breaking it.

Don’t use the gcombat SVN.

ok. thx. for the help.

oh and to make it worse the weapons no longer work online either.

anyone else?

Why would that work? The stuff from is outdated. It wont make any difference.

If they don’t fire correctly, its the server fault, not the client.

The most recent release of GCombat is on


Everyone here except Morcam are idiots. Here:

fixed it. thx for the help the gcombat non-svn fixed it. thx for the help. and blame puceanator for all you problems.
its much better than blaming yourself.

You forgot me.