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Now that some members of the community have access to the game I was hoping that either they or Facepunch could release some early documentation. I know that with people having access it will chew up Facepunch’s time fixing bugs that are reported but I feel releasing documentation would seriously help both the game and community around it. I’m not asking for some 1000 page document detailing everything that can be used and how but just some very basic docs that programmers can work off.

I understand that a lot of things that will be in the final release may not even be present yet and things that are currently in are subject to change or complete removal. But I feel like it would greatly benefit the community if there were some programmers who were able to start building content for the game. Even if they are unable to test it at least when the game is released they aren’t starting and have at least some code that can work as is or with minor changes.


well they did give this recently
it isnt much, but it will allow people to understand the basics of gamemode how to sort it out in the files

then there are these which people can look at to try understand

this is the most atm we got for coders to understand what is somewhat going on


Yeah I’ve seen all of those and have prototyped as much as I can off of them. I was hoping for more documentation of functions, etc to allow for more of a look into the systems available.


people with access to sandbox could always add stuff to Welcome - S&box Wiki tho

but they first need to understand the stuff anyways until they could actually explain how it works


There’s no point in adding stuff to the wiki right now, its all subject to change. They probably dont want to spend a ton of time updating the wiki a lot. And tbh its kinda pointless trying to figure out how stuff works before you even have access to the game


I agree, they already told us that the exposed API is instable and will change a lot

Also agree, everything can be changed anytime before releasing the game, at least in a more public way.

Well, I do not agree on this one for two main reasons:

  • it’s frustrating for most of gmod and interested developers, I know that this is not a relevant reason because it’s not a technical one though
  • knowing how things work can be helpful to, at least, knows what’s feasible/possible or not when the game will be released. You can already think about the way you structure your idea and measure the technical challenges you may come across

I link this thread to the current one, I think that’s a reasonable way to at least give a shot to people who don’t have any information and are really motivated to create some content on S&Box

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I believe garry has stated that he will be adding all built-in documentation(summaries and parameter comments on functions etc) from the game to the wiki some day, it’s just a waiting game.

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I doubt he’ll bother to update the wiki until things are stable, I agree with @Sample for that

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Absolutely things are most likely going to change, get removed and get implemented but like I said I’m not asking for anything serious nor even from facepunch directly. To be frank I think Trojaner’s idea about the reference DLL’s is pretty much what I had in mind. Some basic docs (or something that can be used as docs) that allow people to start who probably won’t get a key.