Sbox_maxgcombat with adv dupe

Is there an easy way that I could make it so adv dupe would NOT paste a gcombat limit of 0 (sbox_maxgcombat 0)

I am running on the DarkRP gamemode.

No one has any idea how I can make adv dupe effected by sbox_maxgcombat like the other sandbox limits already are?

I’m not TAD2020, so i cannot be 100% sure, but making the advanced duplicator behave according to a new sandbox limit would most likely require the modification of the scripts, which you obivously cannot do if you’re planning to use it on a public server. There might be a function in place which allows the registration of new sandbox limits with the script, but you’ll have to ask the developer to find out.

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doh, does ANYONE have a work around for something like this, I find it hard to believe that it is this much of a pain in the ass just to limit something from adv dupe lol.