sbox_persist doesn't seem to work

I’m trying to get persistence working on my dedicated server. I’m running a clean install, with no addons on sandbox, and I’ve also tried setting “sbox_persist = 1” as both a parameter in the shortcut I use to start the server as well as a line in the config_default.cfg within the cfg folder but to no avail. I’ve tried to find answers in other threads and it seems like some people are able to get sbox_persist working, but I can’t for the live of me work out how.

Does anyone have any solutions for this?

You MUST set the sbox_persist before loading a map.

By setting it in the config, am I not in fact doing that?

I am not sure. Try setting it through the server console and changing map, spawn some props and persisting them, changelevel to same map.

That seems to fix the issue. So I guess I need to use changelevel on the same map every time I want to save something, huh?

Edit: Confirmed, it doesn’t actually save unless you use changelevel, but then when you stop the server and start it again it loads.

I am gonna try to fix that, I probably know what’s the problem.