SBRP:DT(Space Build Role Play: Development Team)

Hi, I know this is kinda an already attempted idea but some of my friends got together the other day and had an amazing idea involving space ships outlaws and mining ore to sell to buy stuff. I know there is already a Space Build RP out there, and that it is Humans Vs Aliens but this one has no Aliens. It has a back-story that I have been writing, it has a police force that is a navy style, and it has outlaws for those cops to earn their pay. I have mappers already but I can still use them if you would be so kind as to help, what I really need right now is LUA coders that know what they are doing. I have some friends who would do it but they are hardly on anymore, I need someone dedicated to this thing and is skilled. Please help out this roleplay will hopefully be great. Contact me at churchrvbrvb on steam if you can help. Thanks!

What sort of help do you need? I can help you with some Lua if you want.

We want to make jobs and money like dark rp a limited voice with a wire radio device, a mining system, and the ability to purchase ships plus more. If you can help with that I’d greatly apreciate it. Once this starts up I will have a job to start a server and hopefully keep up a 50 slot server for this.

Seems close to that gamemode made by “The Maw”?

Please don’t think that this is a dead forum for those who have visited and saw that I didn’t respond. He added me on Steam and I saw no reason to continue this line of conversation on Facepunch. Please I am desperate for lua coders that will help with this gamemode.

If you need help with ideas for factions/weapons/models, i could help with that. I don’t have any skills in lua or models or mapping but i have some free time, so I could help contact people about using their models and such.

If you know anyone that would help it would be greatly appreciated, we can still use ideas though.

Well I believe this gamemode has died like all the others I have tried to start. Thank you all for your help but this isn’t going to advance without a major full-time lua coders. Thank you all who helped out, and thus we close another chapter of gmod.