SC2 Mega Pack


V3: More marine skins, Ghost & Spectre, Ghost Rifle

V2, revamped shaders:

Old version screenshots:

I’ll be releasing all further ports by updating this post, rather than waiting and waiting for a big release.

What’s coming:

More added to the list as I start working on them.

Fucking epic.


Massive giant robots were desperately needed.


Sooo… The pack didn’t actually contain the Firebat or Bayonet Rifle. Fix added to OP, or here if you’re lazy.

Awesome!Make protoss units please!

Totally awesome!

I would love it if you can make Nova and Kerrigan too. :slight_smile:

You know that hes porting them, not making them, just fyi.

Hey Jimesu, I love the model’s you have created and I’ve already spent hours fidling with them, its great :D. I have a few requests though. One, may I use your assets in a huge starcraft 2 comic im producing. Credit will go to you for the models of course. Also it would be awesome if when ever you get the time you can keep on converting models, a battle cruiser in particular would be great. So would a Mutalisk for intense space battles, of course this is all just a request and you don’t have to comply with any of it. Just a few friendly requests from some one who greatly appreciates your work.

Just because nobody has mentioned it yet, the visor down version of Tychus is broken. The Visor seems to be bonded to the waist bone instead of the head, and there for comes away from the model.

Aside from that one little thing, this is a truly awesome pack!

I could have sworn I fixed that. Good thing you told me now because I was literally just about to release the next part.


Update time:

Tychus’ visor and Warfield’s tooth problems are now fixed. Link in the OP.

Wondrous thus far.
Can’t wait to see more.
Especially someday, hopefully, the medic.

Here’s the fix for Warfield’s pink disease :smiley:

There gonna be one for the Firebats?

Awsome, if Nova comes out I am so finding someone to rig it for LFD/2 , and Obsidian Conflict.

Hmm… What’s wrong with the firebat?

Playermodels please.

When I put it into a spawnlist, six models total show up.
Two main skins, and two other skins base off each of the others.
the four total based off the main two are completely pink n’ black.
The main two, which are the only ones showing up under “Browse” are perfect.

Download and extract each of the files in the OP in the order they are listed.

All the models cept for the zergling work for me, when i spawn it i hear its ragdoll somewhere i but cant see or find it. Any ideas?

SVN please? :slight_smile: