SC2 Terran Marine Pack

Original Thread:

Here’s the first release of my pack, which includes:

-Blue Marine
-Dominion Marine
-General Warfield
-Gauss Rifle
-HEV Railgun

UPDATE: Both hands are now fingerposable. Also tweaked the physics model to reduce spazzing.
V2 Download link at Filefront (because is being a bitch):

After this I’m probably going to end up porting the visorless version of either Raynor or Warfield, depending on what DTmech is going to do once he finishes porting Tychus. Either that or maybe some vehicles like the Siege Tank or Viking, what do you guys think?

Awesome. A siege tank would be great.


Great job man! I still think our original model/skin is better.

Haha. In our dreams.

Yeah, Great JOB Man!!!

Good job, hurra for HEV railgun and Raynor! :smiley:
Also yeah siege tank would be cool.

wow!! i love you!

You magnificent son of a bitch.

I’M SCARED! They looks so awesome i’m scared!
Oh and a question i think a bunch of people thinks about: Will you make Kerrigan too?

Totally badas.

What is this break media on filefront now since it showed up my filefront wont load.

The company that bought filefront.

:smugdog:Amazing nice pack. HEV gun!:glomp:

Friggen Sweet Pack. Go with a Zergling if possible from the cut scene when Jim saves Warfield with the HEV? Plz?

Wow, holy shit. Awesome.

Jimesu_Evil ure right … is a bitch so don’t post there pls :slight_smile: GREAT job btw


By the way I think you are a pirate.

There is no problem with downloading from there, unless you don’t have a legit copy of Gmod.

Update: Left hand fingerposing works now.

What was the issue with them in the end?

Turns out I did have a hitbox entry in my qc. Deleted it and bam. It works.