Scale entities across specific axis?

I’m using ent:SetModelScale() to set the scale of a prop_physics in my gamemode.

I’m currently using it like so:

ent:SetModelScale(ent:GetModelScale() * 1.1, 0)

but my problem is I only want to upscale it on the X and Y axis, and NOT the Z axis.

Is this possible?


I’m using it as the example is using it

local mat = Matrix()
ent:EnableMatrix("RenderMultiply", mat)

and when it runs i get this output in the console:

attempt to call method 'EnableMatrix' (a nil value)

I’m not sure why though :confused:

It’s a clientside function.

How would i do this on the server-side?

Network the desired scale to the clients I suppose. This is for rendering only, you can’t scale physics this way afaik.