Hey guys, do you know the exact measurements for a door in Counterstrike as I want to make my the same as the ones in Css.

Thanks in advance

Well it’s definetely under 128 units but higher than 64 units.
You should check dev textures. They have measurments. But as far as I know css and hl2 are different scales.

I though they were 112, 55 or something similair, try checking out the dev textures.

CS as in the old counterstrike?

Thanks for the help guys ill have a look at the Dev textures.

Maybe this can help you?

112h, 56w. With a cut of 4 units around the left, right and top edges for door-frames.

Another way to remember is to:
1.Filter for “Dev Door” in the texture browser
2.Apply it to a brush and press “B” in the texture application tool to align it to the bottom of the face.
3.Cut around it with the clip tool, don’t forgot to cut out the doorframe too.

Ah thanks again for your input, it will be very helpful.

Just use the dev template and trim it using the clipping tool.

I would also suggest making a prefab of it, it helps a TON in the long run I have like 3-4 doors mad einto prefabs that I can use.