Scaling a 3DS Max file in HL2 World

So I ported a file from luxox, thanks to him for making the black ops resurrection models. And so i wanted to know how can i scale a model using HL2 SMD importer I have the texture and meshes applied, im turning this into a ragdoll. Thank you. And one more thing i placed the .DLE files from HL2 SMD Importer to my plugins folder in 3DSMax i did that correctly right?

You can easily get the right scale for your model simply by decompiling a source human model and using that as reference, there are also .smd files for npcs and the player in your sourcesdk_content folder that you can import to get the scale too. Scaling the model inside your 3d editing software is the best way to do it, you can adjust the scale when you compile the model but it’s much better if the model is the correct scale beforehand.

Also your keyboard should have a button on it that says PRT SCR or Print Screen, if you hit that it will make an image out of whatever is on your desktop at the time and place it in your clipboard, then just open up paint and you can paste the image in there and crop it or save it. No one wants to see terrible quality photos of your monitor.

Why the fuck did you take a photo of your screen

Sorry i use fraps to take screen savers but it was being a bitch so i used my shit ipod. But thanks Drifty surprised i haven’t gotten a troll here yet. Im very new to ragdolling so bare with me I decided its time I figure out how to do this. However Im having trouble with creating bones on this model its not really allowing me to…I can only create them in realistic view Its frustrating any ideas how to fix?

I use a different modeling program to what you’re using so i can’t help with all of your problems unfortunately. you start by placing bones in their approximate position in the realistic view (called the perspective view usually) and then fine tune their placement in the orthographic views (side top and front views). you need to make sure your bones are all parented properly so i hope you’re following a tutorial for this and your specific program.

Well any recommended software you use id like to use to make easier…3DS can be a bitch

There is no easy software, once you get some experience in a program they’re all fairly similar, but getting that first experience is hard. I use Maya 2011 personally but 3ds max is better for modeling, also ragdolling is probably a bad place to start for 3d modeling.

Idk…Im following this tut…but its pretty outdated like 2009 outdated. Got any other ragdoll tuts using 3DS 2012 out there?

It should work unless it’s very very outdated, this is the best ragdolling tutorial in know and it’s how i learned.

Yeah thats the one I was using, but its just to outdated with my software…harder to understand

You can try decompiling a source model to get it’s skeleton. Also I do recommend you stick to max. It has a fairly simple UI compared to blender.

Keep in mind that the basic tools remain the same in max. You could grab 3dsmax 4 and it would still work fairly decently. And trust me, everything in that tutorial still applies to max2012.